• Inv100 Specs Sheet

    The Inv100 range of inverters is designed to produce a pure sine wave output of 230 Vac from a DC input in the event of mains failure.

    They are primarily designed to provide an output to power motors or similar equipment.

    While the mains is present, the internal battery is automatically charged.


    In the event of mains failure, just switch on the inverter to supply 230Vac to the load.

    The Inv103 is designed to operate in locations without mains power connection. It derives its input power from a solar panel.

    The units are enclosed in an ABS plastic case, sealed to IP65, suitable for use in residential garages. Dimensions 11”x 9”x 4” (280x229x102mm).

    There are lead outs for connection of the inputs and outputs. These can be tailored to individual requirements.

    The unit is enabled by an integral switch and a remote switch.

    We can offer variations of input, output or mechanical design, to suit your application.

    We can supply 230 Vac, 110 Vac or other output voltages





    The battery is contained in the enclosure. The battery is automatically charged when the mains is on.

    The AC output can be enabled if the mains fails, simply with a switch.



    The battery is charged by the solar panel.
    There is an external low battery indicator.
    The AC output can be enabled all the time.

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